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Whole Person Health Consulting, LLC

A Personalized Coaching Partnership to Help you Manifest a Thriving Tomorrow

Specializing in work-life balance, caregiver health, cancer survivorship, chronic pain, and chronic condition self-management. Partner today with Dr. Vinita Agarwal, Ph.D., Professor, Salisbury University, Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, Ayurvedic Wellness Educator, Vipassana Meditator (Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri, Nasik, India), and Author of two books, Medical Humanism, Chronic Illness, and the Body in Pain: An Ecology of Wholeness and Health Communication for Social Justice: A Whole Person Activist Approach to:

  • Manifest a vision of radiant and harmonious whole-person approach to health
  • Work with scientifically tailored behavior change approaches to achieve health and wellness
  • Incorporate the 5,000 year-old whole-person Ayurvedic lifestyle tradition for harmony, health, and well-being [includes overview and understanding of healthy lifestyle foundations, dinacharya (daily) and ritucharya (seasonal) practices]*
  • Engage Vipassana-based meditation for full-sensation living and deepening body awareness*
  • Learn how to apply the body-breath pranayama connection for mindful awareness of your self and the spaces around you*
  • Reframe your relationship with chronic pain, re-imagine how you relate to your body
  • Align simplicity, happiness, and nature through thought and reflection for intentional action
  • Work with sound and silence, movement and stillness to revitalize every area of your life
  • Integrate Patanjali’s yama and niyama principles for inner strength and regeneration through everyday stresses*
  • As full Professor, experience the benefits of behavior change from a unique applied academic framework
  • *Available upon request as special sessions and packages.

To learn more or to ask about packages for parents, professionals, seniors, and those living with pain or multiple chronic conditions, call or email:

P: 312-420-8241 or vinita@wholepersonhealthconsulting.com

Personalized Health and Well-Being Coaching

Book a six session package for achieving a lifestyle focus such as healthy weight management habits, healthy eating, sleep management, exercise, and work-life balance.

Zoom packages available (6 X 45-60 minute sessions; Email or call for pricing) Optimal for addressing challenges that you have been struggling with over the medium to long-term.

Well-Being Mini-Session

Have a pressing health or chronic-condition management goal? Schedule a one-time session to identify a behavior change strategy that works for you. (1 X 60 minutes; Email or call for pricing) Optimal for addressing a key challenge or framework for goal achievement.

Group Coaching

Want to work on wellness goals with a like-minded group? Schedule a group coaching session for your health and wellness goals and harness the power of working together. *Email or call for pricing. Optimal for learning from others at different stages of their health goals.

Corporate Wellness

Improve the mental and physical well-being of your clients and employees with a six-session or 3-month starter package for a vibrant and positive work culture. *Email or call for pricing. Optimal for cultivating creative and productive teams and a vibrant organizational culture.


A wholeness-centered approach can help you connect, center, and flourish.


Redefine productivity and fulfillment with easy-to-apply tools for better living, simple thinking, and effective time management.


Cultivate intentionality and purposeful communication.

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Mini-Sessions: Experience Whole-Person Well-Being Today

Whole Living

A journey to healthfulness and physical and mental well-being starts with envisioning whole living. Whether you are a busy parent, caregiver balancing work, family responsibilities, and your own health, a cancer survivor, living with a chronic condition and pain, or a senior, the mini-sessions will empower and rejuvenate through everyday practices centered in discovering joy in whole living. Learn to craft moments of meaningful rituals, mini-wellness mindfulness, openness to nature, and centering meditation practice through the day for a purposeful tomorrow.

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